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Event:Conquer the World
2 years ago

The world in G.o.D is dangerous. Thus, after the grand launch, we encourage guardians to increase CP as soon as possible. Furthermore, the Gods prepared some luxury packages for top survivors. 7 days after the server launch, guardians with top CP would receive mythic package as rewards. Don't hesitate, guardians. Let's conquer the world.

The Guardian with top 1 CP will receive a diamond Pack.

Content: Rose x50  B.Diamond x1000  LV4 Kingly Gem x1,  LV6 Gem Chest x5  Diamond Star Map x20


The Guardians with top 2-5 CP will receive platinum Packs.

Content: Rose x30  B.Diamond x500  LV6 Gem Chest x2  Diamond Star Map x10


The Guardian with top 6-20 CP will receive Gold Packs.

Content: Rose x10  B.Diamond x100  LV6 Gem Chest x1  Gold Star Map x10


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SonetGame Team