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Christmas Day Event Is Coming!
2 years ago



Dear Guardians,


Xmas is falling. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the efforts in combating the evil and saving the human beings. You win a battle after a battle, and you are entitled to a holiday break; but don’t forget your vow and destiny, don’t forget your men. They are still standing their grounds in GoD. We shall never stop, until the evil forces are driven out of our world!


We have created several Xmas events to boost your CP. Come join and get yourself reloaded!


Event Time: 2016/12/24 00:00 ~ 2016/12/28 23:59

Participant: All players



There are 6 events in total.

  1. Recharge Gifts
  2. Spending Gifts
  3. Discount packs
  4. Login Rewards: Log in daily to get rewards
  5. Find Santa Claus: Santa Claus will appear randomly within a certain time during the event. Defeat Santa Claus to obtain rewards. (Only for lvl 200+ players)
  6. Exchange for gifts: Players have a chance to get X'mas items by killing monsters and can use X'mas items to exchange for rewards.




SonetGame Team