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Server Merge Notice for New S1, New S10 & New S13
1 year ago


In order to provide a better gaming experience, we'll perform server merging during the maintenance time at Dec 11st, 2018.

New S1(S1-S6), New S10(S10-S12), and New S13(S13-S15) will be merged into one server; the other servers will stay still. Below are the details of the coming merge.

Start Time: 1:00- 4:00 a.m. Dec 11th, 2018 EST
Servers Involved: S1- S15

Merging Rules:

1. Character names for these 3 servers will remain unchanged. The merge won't affect the characters' data.

2. Players with multiple characters will be able to play the characters separately and simultaneously. (Choose at the server list.) The server merge won't affect the recharge of your original character.

3. Data such as level, EXP or stats will not disappear; Information like friends, guilds, and auction items won’t be cleared.

However, data related to ranks, boss damage, throne battles, territory battles, arena, and astrology, as well as system emails that have been read and without attachment will be deleted.

Note: Other servers will come back soon when the maintenance ends. New S1(S1-S6), New S10(S10-S12), and New S13(S13-S15) could be still down until the merging is over. Merge will normally last 3 hours or longer. Please keep focus on our game or FB post. 

We will create maintenance compensation events for all servers, and abundant compensation events for the merged server, exclusively.

Please stay tuned!