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Event: Thanksgiving Day!
2 years ago



It’s time to taste the delicious turkey! Yes, one of the most exciting festivals, Thanksgiving Day is coming! After having a sweet dinner with your families, why not come to celebrate it with other players on the Guardians’ world? There are ovens to be claimed, awaiting you to use them to roast yummy turkeys. If turkeys are roasted to a certain amount, you will have a chance to claim massive rewards.


That’s not all! Various favorable recharge events come along with the turkeys. We will begin this Event from today! Do not miss the event time!


Event Time: 2016/11/24 00:00 ~ 2016/11/28 23:59 (PST)

Participant: All players



There are 7 events in total.

  1. Toast Turkeys:   Players can obtain ovens from killing monsters. Use ovens to toast turkeys and obtain rewards.
  2. Login Rewards:  Log in to get rewards during the event.
  3. Total Recharge:  Recharge to get bonuses.
  4. Exchange:          You can use Thanksgiving items to exchange for other items.
  5. Surprise Event:  Upgrade wings and mounts to get rewards.
  6. Limited Offer:     Rare packs await you!
  7. Spending Gift:    Spend diamonds to get rewards.


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SonetGame Team