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Mother’s Day Event Is Coming!
1 year ago


Dear Guardians,


Mother's Day is coming, and this is the day that we should appreciate all the things that moms do for us. Moms should get more than a special day, they should get a medal of honor. Best wishes and sincere love to all moms in the world.


Mother’s Day Event will open on May 12nd, EDT! You will be possible to obtain rare items we prepared for you during the events! Enjoy the coming feast!


Event Time: May 12th – May 16th, 2018 EDT

Servers: All servers



1. Collect Items:

Collect event items and exchange them for massive rewards.


2. Login Gift:

Log in during the event to get rewards. Spend some diamonds to buy rewards again.


3. Total Recharge:

Once your total recharge has reached specific amount, corresponding rewards will be claimable and event chests will be shared all players.


4. Exchange:

Exchange for items as many times as you want.


5. Surprise Event:

Meet the requirements to get massive rewards.


6. Limited Offer:

Spend some diamonds to get limited offers.


7. Spending Gift:

Consume diamonds to get bonuses during the events.


Best wishes for our mothers: Happy Mother’s Day!



SonetGame Team