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New Server Typhoeus Is Coming!
1 year ago

The Typhoeus server is coming!


We are happy to notice the new server Typhoeus of Guardians of Divinity will open at the time of 00:00 on Dec 15th, 2017 EST.


At the time of new server open, we will also prepare the events for your strength as well.



GOD is cast in a fantasy. Once in the world lives gods, humans and other live beings. Gods are the leaders of the world, and all beings live happily together. As it goes, nothing gold can stay. From nowhere they know, comes a very strong but evil force. The evil force conquered gods and humans. The world is in ruins. All gods and human beings are suffering from torment given by the evil forces.


Surrender or fight? That's the choices upon gods and their people. They decide to fight back and call upon warriors among humans. You are one of the human warriors. Now it's your fate to take your sword, serve your gods, and protect your people. Go, Guardians of Divinity!


Come play the game, and share your battle experience against evil force.



SonetGame Team