Raiding Attempts
3 years ago

Raiding attempts appears in your Crusade List every day. First of all, you need to upgrade to Level 143 to unlock the Escort and Raiding Attempts. There is no CP restriction in Raiding Attempts.





Secondly, before you start raiding, click the icon in your trait’s right bottom and switch to right mode. Players can only do the raiding attempt in PVP mode, which requires manual operation and higher CP. You can attack the escort or the player. If you beat the escort, the raiding attempt succeeds.





At last, if the raiding attempt succeeds, you will obtain a certain number of Soul of Fate. Rewards are not available if you don’t beat the Escort. Once you try the attempts for more than 100 times, the daily Raiding task is completed. Please be noted even if you do your second and third raiding, you will only get soul of fates when raiding is success. 



1.the number, 100, refers to the times of attacks to the escort.

2.If other players give the killing shot during your raiding, you will be likely to lose the successful raiding if you don't give the last hit to the escort, which will not be accounted in AP.