Valuable Mall Items
3 years ago

If you want to play this game as an experienced guardian, you have to know the function of different items sold in Mall. We've seen so many guardians waste a lot of money buying items they didn't need. For example, a VIP 3 player paid much money buying winged shoes. As it is mentioned in the VIP rank details, a guardian with VIP 3 is eligible to use free teleport. So we believe that this article can help new guardians have a brief understanding of our items.


First of all, Mount Pill is a powerful item in the game. This item enable us to level up our mount to a higher rank which brings many CPs. Therefore, we encourage our guardians to level up mount, especially during the late game with high character LV.


Secondly, we'd like to introduce Rose. Rose is an important item to level up saint. A high rank saint will unlock new appearances as well as bring CPs. Similarly, Feather is a item for leveling up Wing. Wing is another important resource to gain CPs.


Thirdly, we highly recommend you buy lucky chests if you want to collect more material that are mentioned above. Lucky Chests give you random material including Rose, Feather, Mount Pill, Vessel Core. In other words, opening Lucky Chests is an easy method to power you up during the early game.


After introducing some important items in our Mall, do you have a further understanding about our game? Feel free to contact us if you have any other question.