3 years ago

Acquire a mount


After entering the game, you will get the powerful iron-blood battle horse immediately when you complete the main quests.



Upgrade your mount’s tier


After getting the mount, you can upgrade your mount’s tier by using Mount Pill to greatly enhance your CPs. The higher the mount’s tier is, the smarter its appearance is. So are its stats.





Mount Skills


1. When you activate the mount and enter a battle, the Valor Bar will appear and accumulate the mount’s valor. When the Valor Bar is full, the mount will release the full-screen attacks.

2. Rage skill is associated with mounts. Mount in different tiers has different skills. Rage skill is used for clearing the full-screen monsters and still has effects though the mount is changed.

3. Valor skill only works for monsters.

4. Valor will not be cleared out when you are switching your maps and lines until you log out.

5. Valor skill has only one degree. It can’t be upgraded and changed.







If you stay in Mount menu, you can enter the morph interface by click on MORPH button. You will acquire the morph items when you join series of activities in the game. After using the items, the related mount can be activated.

Every kind of activated morph attached with different special effects will greatly enhance your CPs.