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Create a guild


When a guardian reaches level 110, Guild System will be activated. Press "Guild" on the right-bottom side to enter the menu.



You can create your own guild with the create guild menu.




Join a guild


Before joining a guild, you have to press Guilds List on Guild menu to open the guilds list. Then you can search for a guild you want to join. Select the guild and click apply to send your application. After approval, you will be a member of the selected guild.




Guild Guidance


Guild Hall

You can check guild members' information by entering Guild Hall. Increasing maximum member number requires a higher level Guild.




Guild Skill

Learning Guild Skills greatly increase CPs. A higher skill rank requires a higher guild level.




Guild Mall

Guild members can exchange for items in Guild Mall. Trade in guild mall consume contribution points.




Guild Chapel

You can check guild buff by entering Guild Chapel menu. The strength of buff will be influenced by Territory and Guild Level.




Guild Quest &Boss

If you are a guild member, you can get access to guild dungeon. Killing specific monsters in guild dungeon can complete guild quest and receive massive rewards. You can finish 10 guild quests each day. In addition, Guild Boss can be summoned in guild dungeon. Participants can receive epic items when defeating the boss. Guild dungeon will be refreshed every day.



Guild gives salary to every active member every day. Remember to click salary button once a day to redeem your money.