Black Smith
3 years ago

Black Smith System enables guardians reinforce their weapons and equipment by using Enhance, Promote, Fuse etc. The purpose of this article is to introduce different functions in Black Smith system.




Enhance can level up your equipment which brings guardians a booming in CP increasing. The enhance level stays forever and never disappear even if you change all parts of your equipment. In other words, you only pay once but receive benefits forever. 






Equipment can be promoted to a different tier. The number of gold stars represents the tier of the equipment. The more stars the equipment has, the more abilities it possesses.






Contrary to Enhance, once you change new equipment parts, the old ones' stars will not be activated. By using Transfer function,  part of the stars of the old gears can be inherited. 






Socket is a function that you insert the gem into your equipment parts and gain more CPs. Each equipment part have 2 free gem sockets and 4 locked sockets. Guardians  need Drill Hammer or Diamonds to unlock the locked sockets. In G.o.D world, a single part of equipment cannot absorb 2 gems with the same color. So it's important to make arrangement before using the sockets. Similar to Enhance, you don't need to worry about gems and sockets when you want to change your equipment.   






Fuse is a fantastic way to get top items and equipment. If you want a new mount morph, luxury gems and rune shards, try it.