Party Guide
3 years ago

Party combat provides much more exp than solo. Besides, party member can get a HP buff. The most important reason for joining party combat is to enjoy this game with your friends rather than explore alone.



Create a party


Open the party menu by pressing "N" on your keyboard. Click on create to set up a party.



Different Method of forming a party


As you first entered the game, Party system will be activated. You can form your own party using the following methods:


1. Selecting Target


You can select a player in the main game interface. After this operation, you can see the target's portrait on the top side. Press "Control" which locates under target's portraits to open the menu. Then press "party" to invite the target.




2.Sending Invitations


In party menu, press "invite" button. Then, you can search or add a player to your party directly. In addition, press the tag of players nearby or nearby parties, you can apply for a party or add a member to your party. Only players in the same map can be searched. 



Party benefits and rules


Every active member in a party brings 5% more exp from monsters. The maximum number of members in the same party is 4. If one of the members stays in other lines or away for a very long distance, party benefits will disappear. You can check out if your members are offline or stay in a different line by using party menu.




Party Configuration


You can see two options under the party menu. When the options are ticked, party application or party invitation will be approved automatically.