Hall of Rewards
3 years ago

Hall of Rewards Introduction


As long as you keep challenging monsters in G.o.D, we have a wide variety of rewards to support you. In this article, we will introduce our reward system.



Hall of Rewards


Hall of Rewards located on the top right corner of the main interface. You can press the icon to enter.





Daily Sign-in


Guardians can redeem their daily reward by logging into the game. Diamonds can be used to make up if our guardians miss the sign-in process. Guardians also will be rewarded a lucky draw each 3 active days.



Level-up Pack


Guardians are able to claim level up reward each time they reach a specific level.





Gift Code


Redeem your gift code by imputing code series in the dialog box.





In the world of G.o.D, guardians don't need to worry about losing resources and items. The Retrieval system enable guardians to redeem dungeon loot and event rewards the day before. Thus, guardians could have a chance to retrieve full amount of game loot by using adv. Retrieval function.



Offline Exp


Guardians never need to worry about afk since the exp keeps increasing offline. Just remember to claim the offline exp every time you come back from afk status.