Space Vessel
3 years ago

Space Vessel


Together with fire, Prometheus brought humans a mysterious crystal that contains immense power. The Atlantians used the crystal and invented the first Space Vessel. They used their newly created battleship to win many wars but still couldn’t avoid their land being destroyed. Their people died out but their technology survived and is passed down from generation to generation.



In G.O.D, you will have a chance to own your own Space Vessel and fight with all kinds of different monsters. Complete the relative main quest to obtain your first Space Vessel. Then you can upgrade it or unlock ships to make it stronger.



Upgrade Your Vessel


Vessel Cores are needed to upgrade your space vessel. Your vessel will be more powerful after upgrading.



New Vessel


New Vessels will have special features depending on which vessel you obtain.



Space Battle


You will need to protect your world by defeating enemies in your Space Vessel. Practice your skills and rule space.


Equipment (Coming soon)

You will be able to equip your vessel with different devices and use them during the battle.