Goddess Defense
3 years ago

You can find Goddess Defense in the solo dungeons  after lvl 135.






You need to defeat the intruders and defend the goddess. For each wave of enemies you kill, you will receive rewards.
You need to eliminate each wave of intruders within the time limit. If you haven’t killed all intruders or if you let them destroy the goddess, you will lose.
Every day, you have an attempt to blitz the stages you have passed. VIP 5 players or above have more attempts.




You can claim all the EXP and other rewards you receive when you leave the dungeon.  In every 25 stages there will be a special stage, i.e. Stage 25, Stage 50 or so. Clearing such stage for the first time will bring you bonus rewards.




You have 1 attempt every day to reset the stage, which means you will start from Stage 1 next time. VIP 5 players will have another 1 attempt, and VIP 8 players have 3 attempts in total.