3 years ago

After playing the game for a couple of minutes, you can redeem your first saint, Pandora. From then on, the Saint System will be activated. You will be able to develop your own saint with Rose. Your saint can also morph into other characters including 12 saints, which brings special battle effect.





12 Saints

The 12 saints are sealed, and only the chosen one can unseal and summon them. For the peace of the world, you’ll need to use the saints’ power. So use your talent and gather the saints.

Click on the Morph to enter the summon interface. In order to summon saints you’ll need to use Saint Cards.





How to Get Saint Cards

-You will get a saint card with the 7-Day Gifts.
-When you reach VIP 2 and VIP 5, you will receive a saint card.
-Being active and participating in all kinds of events. Sometimes saint cards are even given out as free gifts.




Click on “Summon” and you will get a random saint. You can use Pandora first, as she is first saint you have obtained. If you have an Adv. Saint Card, you can choose the saint you would like to summon.



Saints and Their Talents