Group Dungeons
3 years ago

In G.O.D., you can not only team up with players in your same server but also from other servers. Kill bosses with friends even if you are not on the same server, and obtain massive loot and EXP!



1. Group Dungeon unlocks at lvl 60.

2. The first dungeon is Flaming Warship, which you can also play solo.



3. For other dungeons, you can join a party or form your own.



4. You can enter the battlefield when there are enough players in your party.


5. Kill the monsters and the boss, and rewards will be decided by your ratings.


6. If you accidentally go offline due to connection failure, log into the game again and you will still be in the dungeon.


7. If the party leader goes offline during combat, the system will randomly nominate a new one.



Dungeon Maps


Dungeon: Flaming Warship





Dungeon: Bloodhoof Fortress