3 years ago

In the name of justice and courage, you need to pass the test of all the saints in the Zodiac. Saint Armor is your reward but strength is what you should value more.  Find the Zodiac in the Solo Dungeon and begin your trial.




You need to start with Aries and keep challenging a new saint after you have defeated the saint before. You will receive Saint Armor shards after each victory. They can be used to make your saints more powerful.





1. You need to defeat the saint within the time limit.
2. If you are defeated or you fail to defeat the saint within the time limit, you will lose.
3. When you lose or quit the dungeon during combat, the attempt you use will not count.
4. You can only blitz stages you have passed.
5. Attempts are limited, so try your best every time.



Upgrade Saints

Saint Armor shards you get from battle can be used to upgrade your saints.