Classes Introduction
3 years ago



Gender:  Male
Pros:  Melee, high attack, damage absorption.
Lore:  Warriors are fearless and reliable. A warrior always goes first in a team and protect the team using his great talent in melee attack.
Skills:  Crescent Slash, Shock, Heroic Leap, Rock Spikes





Gender: Female
Pros: Ranged, fast attack, high crit
Lore: Archers are born for combat. They can cause great damage to enemies from a long distance in a short period of time.
Skills: Barrage, Glaive Toss, Explosive Trap, Arrow Storm





Gender: Female
Pros: Ranged, high attack, high area damage
Lore: Mages master the secret of elements, which can be extremely powerful once used in combat. They use their spells to control their enemies and cause massive damage.
Skills: Ice Shards, Frost Nova, Frost Orb, Starfall