Basic Control
3 years ago

Character Movement


The character you play is located in the middle of the screen. To complete a movement, the only thing you need to do is to click your left mouse on your destiny. After clicking,, the character will move to the location you have commanded.



Using Items


To begin with, press B on the keyboard to open the item bag. Then click left mouse to select item. After the operation, you can see a menu. You can use, exhibit, sell or delete the item via this menu.



Quick Sell


There's a "Sell" Icon in the Bag Menu. After clicking, the bag frame will turn white and blink. At this time, you can do a bulk sale quickly.



Basic Attack


First, you have to left click on the target to select it. Then double click left mouse to attack. By pressing 1~5 number button on your keyboard, you can quickly cast your skill. For your convenience, you can press A to activate auto combat to fight automatically.