Day 6 Event: Morph CP Rank
2 years ago

Let strong morphs fight for you! Level up your favorite morph to increase your character stats and CP!


Event time: 2017/08/30 00:00- 2017/08/31 00:00 (EDT)


Event Rule: Rank according to total CP of all your morphs. If your total CP is the same with another, the one who reach the CP earlier ranks higher.





If your morph ranks No.1, you will receive King’s Bracers (Limited), B.Diamonds x 1000, Lvl 7 DEF Gem x 1.


If your morph ranks No.2 or No.3, you will receive King’s Signet (No Sale) x 40, B.Diamonds x 500, Lvl 6 DEF Gem.


If your morph ranks between No.4 and No.10, you will receive King’s Signet (No Sale) x 20, B.Diamonds x 200, Lvl 5 DEF Gem.


Once your morph CP reaches 12,000, you will be rewarded King’s Signet (No Sale) x 15, B.Diamonds x 100, Morph Leveling Chest x 1.


You can upgrade your morph by melting unequipped outfits and morph books. Collect the will of morph to promote. Come on and kill monsters! Are you ready?




SonetGame Team