Day 5 Event: Saints Rank
2 years ago


Have you summoned your dream Saints? If not yet, summon them from now on! Then upgrade your Saints to a higher tier and rank top, you will have the chance to gain rare equipment to enhance your total CP and get morph books to melt in your morph’s leveling up. Don’t miss the time, folks.


Event time: 2017/08/29 00:00- 2017/08/30 00:00 (EDT)


Event Rule: Saints rank according to Guardian’s tiers. If 2 saints are of the same tier, the one who reaches the tier earlier ranks higher. Based on different ranks, Guardians will be rewarded different kinds of epic gift packs.




If your saint ranks No.1, you will receive King’s Signet (No Sale) x 70, B.Diamonds x 1500, Lvl 3 Morph Book x 80.


If your mount ranks No.2 or No.3, you will receive King’s Signet (No Sale) x 40, B.Diamonds x 500, Lvl 3 Morph Book x 40.


If your mount ranks between No.4 and No.10, you will receive King’s Signet (No Sale) x 20, B.Diamonds x 200, Lvl 3 Morph Book x 20.


Once your saint reaches Tier 4, you will be rewarded King’s Signet (No Sale) x 15, B.Diamonds x 100, Saint Event Chest x 1.




SonetGame Team