Day 3 Event: The First King
2 years ago


Hey folks, come to claim the throne to get power and riches beyond your imagination. Killing monsters and become the King in all territories. The first King, the first Hero and the Guild Masters who own a territory can claim these rewards.


Event time: 2017/08/27 00:00- 2017/08/28 00:00 (EDT)




If you become the First King and the First Hero, you will be rewarded a limited King’s Armor, 1000 B.Diamonds and Feather (Time Limited) x 50.


If you are a Guild Master and own a territory (CP reaches 20K), you will be rewarded 500 B.Diamonds, King's Signet(No Sale) x 70 and Feather (Time Limited) x 30.


If you are a member of the Guild and CP reaches 20K, you will be rewarded a Wing Event Chest, 100 B.Diamonds and King’s Signet (No Sale) x 15.

Gain the throne, be your King!



SonetGame Team